Welcome to Koshinkan Aikido Dojo

Founded in 1994, the Susquehanna Aikido Club moved to a space of its own and became Susquehanna Aikido in 1999, and moved to its current home in 2002. In 2004, the dojo was given the name "Koshinkan Aikido dojo", which means "place for the development of a steadfast mind." More than a place to work out, the dojo is a place for the study of a way of life. Because Aikido emphasizes community building, Susquehanna Aikido has hosted fundraising events for ACCESS-York to assist in their efforts to overcome domestic violence. The Koshinkan Aikido dojo is affiliated with the Aikido Association of America; we strive to carry on the legacy left by AAA founder Fumio Toyoda Shihan.

Interested individuals are welcome to observe classes.


2709 South Queen St.

York, PA 17403

About Aikido

Aikido, the way of joining power, is a Japanese martial art founded in the latter half of this century by Morihei Ueshiba. After receiving certificates of mastery in empty hand, sword, and spear arts, Ueshiba was dissatisfied and felt there must be something more to these arts. After careful training and meditation, he realized that the true spirit of martial arts was a spirit of loving protection for all things. Out of this conviction, he developed Aikido.

Rather than leave the old traditions behind, he refined them to create a new art for a modern world. Moving beyond mere technique, Aikido provides a mirror by which we can examine and refine ourselves and our community. Aikido stresses protecting an attacker from serious harm even as we protect ourselves. Aikido techniques utilize joint locks, throws, and strikes to blend with an attacker's power and neutralize it in a manner that creates the best possible situation. Aikido provides a method of self defense that is both ethical and effective.